Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday - again?

I just realized I haven't posted since TUESDAY! Where the heck did the week go?

Wednesday we had a storm here - officially at the airport we got 35 cm of snow, which is the better part of 14 inches. It was a mess. Schools weren't cancelled so both kids were late getting home. The dh got home early and started to blow out the driveway while I shoveled the walk and steps.

We woke up yesterday morning to a street that hadn't been cleared, a truck that wouldn't get out our meant that I had to take the dh's car (which is an AWD) to my doctor appt. The 2 minute drive took me 30. Once we got out of the unplowed subdivision the roads were a bit better, BUT traffic was so backed up that we were at a standstill. When I got home at 9:30, the roads still weren't plowed except for our tiny cul de sac. The problem with that was now there was this giant heavy snowbank blocking my driveway and keeping me from getting in. Out came the shovel again so I could put the car in the garage. It made for a late start writing, never mind I also had to go out again to pick up youngest from drama after school.

To top it off, dh came home and went to blow out the drive again, and the tractor wouldn't start. Finally got it started, and the blower broke. Thank heavens for good neighbours with tractors who cleared us out enough to use both sides of our driveway. I can now get my truck out.

There is a good side to this though - looking out the window at all the whiteness has totally put me in the mood to work on the Christmas story and I'm currently just taking a break from writing a really great scene. There's nothing like decorating a Christmas tree, mulled cider, and a big strapping rancher to put me in the holiday spirit. :-)

In keeping with that, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. A friend and I are taking our girls to Mahone Bay to their Father Christmas Festival - lots of food, crafts, decorations, activities, carols...perfect. The girls have been saving their money for some shopping!

And otherwise - I need to eat lunch and do another #1k1hr to get my word count done for the day - I enjoyed having a clean house so much last weekend that I'm going to try and "git'er done" today so that on Sunday we can break out the decorations and really get into the Christmas spirit.

It's Black Friday in the US, so what are you doing today? Business as usual, or grabbing major holiday deals?

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