Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeding the Writer's Soul - plus girl time

I am a homebody. Seriously - by the time the day's work is done, I've worked out, made supper, etc...I really don't feel like going out and running around.

But last night I made an exception because Kelley Armstrong was in town and doing a reading and signing at the library.

It was a time that fed my writer's soul. I got to watch how "the pros" do it - that is, talk to a room full of people about their books, answer questions, etc. And I mean a room. I don't know attendance numbers but I'd guess at over 60 people easily. Very different than speaking to a dozen (which is my usual number). I also liked listening to the Q&A...from the typical first "where do you get your ideas?" question to some of the others. What would it be like to be asked about characters in that many books? What would it be like to have a following like that? It's pretty darn cool. And listening to Kelly talk about life as an author made me realize that while our process is very different, we think a lot the same too. Nothing is more comforting to a writer than another writer who GETS IT.

I took my girls with me. My eldest is a fan so she was pretty jazzed, but my youngest is a little too young yet so about 3/4 of the way through she snuck off with my library card to lose herself in the stacks. When she came back we were in line to sign and she had two big books in her arms that she'd checked out.

The eldest had wanted to ask a second question during the Q&A but ran out of time, so she thought she'd ask when she got to the table. Instead she was so excited that she got her book signed and floated half way to the door before I reminded her that she'd forgotten. She said she didn't care - she had her book signed! And a bookmark! LOL. So Kelley - if you're reading this, my daughter would like to know what you would be if you weren't a writer.

We got home around nine so it was straight into bedtime routine, but it was worth the effort for this hermit to get out of the house.

Readers - do you go to author events and what's your favourite part? And authors - how do you feed your writer's soul?


  1. LOL I love that your daughter "floated half way to the door..." It sounds like you all had a great day!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Wish I lived near to be a big town to go to stuff like this!