Monday, November 14, 2011

Family Laughs - and Stuffing my Face

This past weekend we travelled to my mum's for the long weekend. It was totally worth the three pounds I gained. THREE. In three days. I'm crossing my fingers that the sheer volume of water I'm drinking is going to address some of that problem.

It started with stopping at my mother-in-law's on Friday afternoon - we dropped off her Christmas present and a few other little things that the dh had done up for her, and we had supper. She'd made baked beans, brown bread rolls, baked ham and scalloped potatoes. YUM. And then...strawberry shortcake. Gah! We also picked up our Christmas stuff including about 100 lbs of fruitcake. When we were up over Thanksgiving (October here in Canada) I got her a Bulk Barn gift card to buy the fruit etc. and in return we get really great fruitcake and mincemeat. It's a fab deal.

Then it was on to my mum's. We spent the night there, got up in the morning and deliberately ate a breakfast of fruit and yogurt because we were going to market.

Market is great. I could spend a million dollars there without a lot of trouble, I think. Between the artisans and the food vendors... Anyway we wandered around but really just spent money on food. Of course. The kids and husband got Kurt's Sausage on a bun - the mister with sauerkraut and spicy mustard, youngest with ketchup, and the eldest? Well, she got hers with hot chili sauce. I got a beef donair. Being a generous sort, I offered the mister a bite when we got back to our truck. He opened his great maw and took a huge bite that left me seriously miffed. However the majority of the meat and sauce is towards the bottom, so ha ha on him. He got mostly onions and tomatoes. I only got one dollop of stuff on my jacket. Because I'm that classy and I always get donair drips.

We also bought a dozen beef and chicken samosas for the family potluck - which happened Saturday night.

Saturday night my sisters came for supper. My mum had made (more) baked beans and brown bread, and a chicken and broccoli casserole that was yummy. One sister brought a Chicken Penne Alfredo that was TO DIE FOR and also Oreo Delight dessert which was a tasty concoction of oreo crumbs, vanilla pudding, and Cool Whip drizzled with chocolate sauce. My other sister came with most of her brood (and their significant others) in tow so she brought a big pot of Sweet and Sour Stew (a personal fave, I brought a dish home and we had it for supper last night), a Shepherd's Pie, a Caesar Salad and my niece brought potato salad. In addition to the samosas I made a chocolate chip cheese ball served with cookies (recipe courtesy of Debbie Macomber's site). My mom's rhubarb and mince pies were barely touched - there was just too much food. It was one of the best potlucks we've ever had.

After supper we crowded into the living room to watch Great Niece (who is 19 months old) perform, and she's a real ham. Who needs entertainment when you have a little angel in a pink frilly dress? On top of that we had lots of laughs. One sister's alter-ego came out to play which had us in stitches, as well as the story of her driving her ATV off the trailer into the truck, or trying to swing the generator into the back of the truck and spraining her ankle. I teased my niece's boyfriend about his Movember effort and met my nephew's new girlfriend (hopefully we didn't scare her away) and my sister in law came late - she'd had to work until 7:30 and then went home and bless her heart made my husband a lemon pie. Her lemon pies are out of this world. It was still warm and not quite set, so we heated up some supper for her and saved the pie and...had it for breakfast yesterday morning, along with bacon and pancakes. Does your belly hurt? Mine did.

I'd spent the last several weeks making things for holiday baskets for the family, so I'm happy to say they are all delivered now, complete with bows and homemade tags.

Yesterday we didn't bother with lunch, instead heating up stew and leftover brown bread rolls for an early supper around 4:30.  Thank goodness.

But it was so good to get together. To share a bunch of laughs. My mum was in heaven despite the noise and commotion and said to me yesterday that Saturday was her Christmas.

But now it's back to normal (in some ways thank goodness! I'm lucky 3 lbs was the total damage now that I write all that down!). I'm teaching a course at Savvy Authors this week, have chatted to my editor about the new book, and trying to knock a few other things off my to-do list.

All in all though? I'm really glad we went last weekend rather than waiting until the madness that's December.

What did you do this past weekend?

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  1. Wow, what a Fantastic feast!

    This weekend I read Off the Clock. Another great read. And I got a flu shot. Exciting, huh?