Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Am I Up To This Week?

I've been tidying some odds and ends that needed doing, and today I re-started IN THE LINE OF DUTY since I wrote over 16k and hated it. I read it over and it's not that it was bad, it just wasn' It also wasn't what I wanted this story to be either, so I abandoned the file and opened a brand new one. Wrote nearly 3000 words on it today and I love it. I realized that it's good to write something different but if you go too different it might not work at all. Anyway I'm liking where it's going and feeling good about it. I made peace with the delete key long ago.

And the other thing I've been doing this week is working with New Voices finalist Vanessa Eicher on her second chapter of Temptation Finds The Rancher (you can read the first chapter here). I'm so excited for her. It's been fantastic working with her, exciting and fun and it's a delight to realize that after two chapters I want to know what happens next!  She's got her chapter 2 ready to go and now we're waiting - rather anxiously I think - to see which four of the 21 finalists go on to the next round.

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  1. "I made peace with the delete key long ago" LOL I like that. The 16K made me wince. I don't think that the delete key and I are at peace yet.

    I'm really looking forward to the second chapters. All the best for the next round!