Monday, October 03, 2011

Pimpin' the Peeps

Before I get started - just wanted you to know that you can catch up with me at Leah Braemel's blog today! Thanks Leah for having me over to visit!

Our monthly RWA chapter meeting was yesterday afternoon amid a downpour courtesy of Hurricane Ophelia. Tons of rain as she spun her way offshore. Anyway - I am always so proud of our chapter. We are smart and fun and prolific. Deb Hale did "mini" workshops on Character Arcs and Hooks and High Concept. I say "mini" because believe me both sessions were complete and chock full of lightbulbs. I scribbled several notes on a 3 book series I'm working on, and made major breakthroughs in structure AND the missing linking element for the third book that ends up tying it to both book one AND two. Deb rules.

I also wanted to give some shout outs to my chaptermates who have books out this month.

First: one of my favourite authors ever and ever - Julianne MacLean who is sharing a release date with me (Oct 4).  Her latest is the conclusion to her Highlander Trilogy, SEDUCED BY THE HIGHLANDER!


The fierce and powerful Laird of War, Lachlan MacDonald has conquered so many men on the battlefield—and so many women in the bedroom—that he is virtually undefeated. But one unlucky tryst with a seductive witch has cursed him forever. Now, any women he makes love to will be doomed for eternity…


Lady Catherine is a beautiful lass of elite origin—or so she is told. Suffering from amnesia, she is desperate to find the truth about who she really is…or, at the very least, meet someone who inspires an intense memory or emotion. When she first lays eyes on Lachlan MacDonald, Catherine has a sixth sense that he can unlock the key to her past—and maybe even her heart. But how could she know that the passion she ignites in this lusty warrior’s heart could consume—and destroy—them both?

Next up: Jennie Marsland with a book I've been waiting for ever since she said she was going to write it. This one is set during the Halifax Explosion - a time and event I've been intrigued with since reading Barometer Rising. I'm so excited that I won a copy yesterday at our meeting! Here's the blurb for SHATTERED:

Liam Cochrane no longer belongs. He lost his youth and his brother at the Battle of the Somme. Now he's home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, dulling his pain with liquor and the occasional willing woman. The only thing Liam can call his own is time.

Alice O'Neill has never belonged. Able to read notes, but not words, she dreams of escaping from her life as the family housekeeper to teach music. She also dreams of Liam, who's held her heart for years and never known.

In that fall of 1917, Halifax is on a collision course with fate. On December sixth, the most powerful man-made, non-atomic explosion in history will occur in Halifax Harbour. What will be left for Liam and Alice when their world is shattered?

Chapter Member Bev Pettersen has released COLOR MY HORSE, her 2009 Golden Heart Finalist. Bev is an amazing member of our chapter, always so upbeat and supportive. If there's anything that needs doing behind the scenes, she's got her sleeves rolled up and is ready to go.

Desperate to prove her worth, a pampered heiress swaps her credit cards for a pitchfork and shovel. But at the track, she must earn the respect of an uncompromising horse trainer who has little tolerance for greenhorns, especially one he’s been forced to hire.

Mark Russell never expected his cocky new groom to have the smarts or spunk to last at his race barn. Or that she’ll drive him wild with desire. But as the attraction between them sizzles, manipulation and murder threaten not only the horses but also their forbidden love.

And the first ever YA to come out of our chapter - Renee Pace has OFF LEASH coming to readers. This book was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and after reading a portion of it (can't wait to read the rest) I can tell you that it is unique and unlike anything I'd ever read before. The other cool thing about it? There are ALTERNATE ENDINGS. Cool, huh!

When life knocks you flat on your back, and you know you've had enough, try telling that to a dog demanding his walk.

Jay Walker is a fake. He's full when starved and happy when angry. How else is a guy who has a dead beat for a mother and a sister battling cancer supposed to feel? And isn't walking a pet just a chore? Too bad the dog doesn't know that. The dog lives in the now, embraces life to the fullest and gives his whole heart when offering love.

Off Leash is a coming of age story, where a boy experiences the nitty gritty side of life through the eyes of a dog, and discovers that maybe, just maybe, life is really worth it.

Didn't I say we were a prolific bunch?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow - It's launch day for BOTH my books and I've got a special cyber-launch party happening!


  1. I'm so proud and happy to be a member of such an awesome chapter. Thanks for the mention, Donna. The books look so great layed out on the same page. Congrats to Jennie, Bev, and Renee!

  2. That should be "laid out." Sometimes the fingers move faster than the brain :)

  3. Thanks for the support, Donna. I'm with Julianne - our chapter rocks!

  4. Glad to have you over on my page, Donna. Anytime!

    And wow! Jennie Marsland's book looks fab -- there are far too few romances centered around Canadian historical events. I can't wait to get it on my Kindle.

  5. I'm reading Shattered now, Leah, and really enjoying it.

    Thanks for the shout-out. We do have a super supportive chapter, probably why there's such a lot of books coming out of Atlantic Canada. The pubbed authors have always been so encouraging to new writers. THANK-you, Donna!

  6. Polific? I'll say. But what a great bunch to have in your chapter. Wow! I'm in awe. Caroline x