Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Hair

Yesterday I got a new haircut. Shorter (just to my shoulder), lighter (I have insanely thick hair) and darker (very close to my normal colour). I love it. I can still put it in a ponytail for working out, but it's light and swingy.

A haircut should not be that big of a deal, but it's a huge pick-me-up! August and September were so insane, and I went right from the last deadline into working on a new novella and trying to keep tabs on two new releases. My next few months are going to be very busy - revisions, a new book for Harlequin Romance, mentoring the New Voices competition, and having all my *out of town* Christmas stuff ready for the 11th November when I will see my Mom.  My eldest made the volleyball A team yesterday so I'll be chauffeuring practices and games until mid-December. My youngest has district choir rehearsals and concerts leading up to Christmas. Truthfully - I'm looking forward to when everyone is off over the holidays and we can hang out in our jammies all day and play Rock Band (which was how we spent last Christmas).

Sometimes 2 hours out of the house having your hair done is just what the doctor ordered. The only thing better would be a massage, but I'm waiting until next month for that to happen. :-)

Meanwhile - OFF THE CLOCK is out if you haven't had a chance to pick it up yet. It's the first of my First Responders novellas (I'm working on number 2 right now!). It is available wherever you like to buy your e-books, but here are the links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Samhain's Store.

And don't forget to come by tomorrow as there is a very special guest coming!


  1. Therre's nothing like a haircut and restyle to perk you up is there? Caroline x

  2. A good haircut always lifts the spirits.