Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Chance to Cast your Vote!

The voting for the New Voices competition second chapters ends TOMORROW. I am trying not to get too nervous for my mentee, after all she is probably already biting her nails to the quick waiting for the results of the top four. I really hope she makes it through - she was a delight to work with and I loved both her chapters.

So please go have a read and vote! The final four are based on reader votes and editorial ranking so every vote counts. You can read her chapters on the New Voices Site - it's Temptation Finds the Rancher by Vanessa Eicher!

And I'm a little late putting this link up but believe me it was a major highlight of my week last week! USAToday's Happy Ever After blog reviewed HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART! WOW! And it was a GOOD review - after all you see the link and there's that moment of holding your breath wondering if it will be good or bad.

I let out that breath when I read the opening paragraph:

What do you get when you throw a lonely bachelor rancher into the path of a stubborn cancer survivor? With Donna Alward's latest, How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart, you get a moving love story showcasing characters who inspire sympathy and admiration, conflict that's genuine, and a resolution that refuses to be taken for granted. You also get to put another box of tissues on your grocery list.

Check out the whole review at the USA Today blog: How A Cowboy Stole Her Heart Review

And that's it for me today! I'm a bit chilly so I'm going to spark up a fire, maybe make a cup of tea and some serious word count. :-)


  1. I will let a cowboy still my heart any day!

  2. Congrats on the great review, Donna! I'm a little late, but I'll head over and check out the New Voices Site now.

  3. Hmm... maybe I won't after all. Your link takes me to an Asian page. Could be a translation of the Harlequin page but I'm not bilingual enough to know. :(