Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun Numbers

So I'm late putting this on the blog (as I instantly squeed about it on twitter etc) but on Friday I sold my 15th Harlequin Romance and my 20th book overall. They are fun numbers, right? It's just over 5 years since I sold my first book, so I'm pretty happy about that when all is said and done. :-)

The sweetest part is that this is the first time I've had a book go through without revisions. This week I'm taking it a bit easier - doing some admin/website buggy stuff, and being at the beck and call of my New Voices mentee. :-) I'm enjoying working with her so much. Yesterday was also the beginning of volleyball season with the first game, and the other kid had choir and so there was much running around - dinner came in a crock pot last night (though when we arrived home at ten to five, my husband was making baking powder biscuits that were delicious!).

Anyway the books, as far as I'm aware, will be released in North America next May and June as the Cadence Creek Cowboys duet. The first book is called The Last Real Cowboy - and I'm waiting on the title of the second book that was just accepted.

But my rest will be short-lived - I'm working on a novella at the mo and then it's right into the next story that is due first of February, and will be out next November. :-)


  1. Ohhh huge congrats Donna. Happy dance coming on I think! Caroline x

  2. Anonymous8:10 p.m.

    Wow, that's great. 4 books a year!

    Just finished STHB. Kept me guessing how they'd ever get back together. Nice plot twist in there, too. A very satisfying HEA.