Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm medicated and thankfully no longer feverish, and taking a break from edits so I thought I'd post a quick blog while I contemplate whether I want tasteless soup for lunch or tasteless toast (Everything is pretty much tasteless at this point, sadly).

We were watching the Big Bang Theory reruns last night and Leonard told Sheldon that he'd catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Sheldon's response was, "Well you'd catch more flies with manure, what's your point?"

I've used the flies with honey comment lots over the years. If you look at trying to motivate people, it's far better to be positive and upbeat and encouraging rather than negative. If you're a boss, it's the difference between people resentfully working for you/being scared of you and people WANTING to work for you.

I try to be positive. I try to be easy to work with. I'm sure there are times I am not - I'm human after all. I get tired and frustrated and annoyed like anyone else. But on the whole, I try to stay upbeat and take the attitude that everything will work out. Maybe I do it because the concept of it NOT working out is too scary to contemplate. But I think I do it because being negative is a waste of energy. Being negative means you're only moving backwards, not forwards.

That's not to say you shouldn't stand up for yourself. Being easy to work with doesn't mean being a doormat, either. It means you pick your battles. It means you have to analyze what is really worth taking a stand about and what is just...annoying. It means you take care of business but you do it with a smile.

And before you know it, that positive attitude nurtures positive relationships. I'm a writer, so the positive relationships I want to nurture are the ones with my editor, my agent, my readers, other authors, and anyone I work with at my publishers. I try to bring enthusiasm to my work. I strive to be on time and reliable. And I work at communicating in a positive way so that if I DO run into snags, everyone is in a happy frame of mind to come up with a solution.

I also think that positive energy is catching. There's nothing worse than going into a room and asking someone how they are and you get a "meh," and a laundry list of how much their life sucks. It takes all the positive energy out of the room. Negativity is EXHAUSTING.

Of course I'm not positive all the time. As I said, I'm human. But I do believe in catching flies with honey. I do believe that if you're positive and flexible and easy to get along with, opportunities will come your way. I do believe that if you view things as a series of opportunities rather than roadblocks, that's what you'll get.

My short blog post turned into something kind of long, but positivity is something I really believe in.

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