Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pinpoints of light in a crazy week!

I love back to school. I love having my office to myself all day long and only needing to feed ME at lunchtime and the quiet of this time of year which is only interrupted by crickets, the dog snoring, and the cat chasing a housefly.

That being said, the beginning of the school year does tend to be a bit...hectic. This week there have been some "housekeeping" things with school that are taking some time - school pictures came back for one kid, hot lunch orders came home, last night was Curriculum Night at the eldest's school and tonight it is at the youngest's. Monday the youngest started a district choir which meant a parent meeting, tonight the eldest begins badminton club, and we have a science project due tomorrow which required a shopping trip earlier in the week and will require about 15 min of help on my part this afternoon.

And I'm into the last 10,000 words of my book due...end of next week. It has been INTENSE around here people - and that's not even mentioning that I was gone most of last weekend to a workshop and the fact that we're basically down to one vehicle because the husband is working on getting mine back into shape - in between teaching, prepping, and marking tests.

I am SO glad we started making wine.

Anyway it's actually been quite fine, with just a few moments of panic cropping up here and there. I've been making tremendous strides on word count, kept up with the laundry, kept people fed and watered, and even had time to enter the RITAs yesterday and socialize a bit on twitter for the sake of my sanity.

And the pinpoints of light? Well, thanks to my October book being up on NetGalley, I've gotten a few more reviews than usual and for the most part they've been great. This book is one of those "special" books - I'd wanted to write a cancer survivor story for a while, and I'd also been looking for the right girl for Clay Gregory for a long time too. I loved returning to my Larch Valley setting.

So here are a few snippets from the latest reviews to come through! It's only a few more weeks until release day in North America, and it'll be out in November in Australia! Unfortunately those in the UK will have to wait until March to pick it up, unless you snag the NA edition in e-book. :-)

From BookWorldTravels (4 stars) : "a story so full of emotion and one so beautifully written that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters and the author’s writing." (5 stars!) : "Keep your hanky close, Donna Alward works her story telling magic to tug at our heartstrings with HOW A COWBOY STOLE HER HEART."

Siren Song Reviews (5 stars!) "Alward writes consistently beautiful romance novels and How a Cowboy Stole Her Heart is no exception – make this one for your keeper shelf."

Judging The Book By Its Pages (4 fairies) : "...a heartfilled story filled with the struggles that many woman go through on a daily basis."

Maldivian Book Reviewer : "Light hearted and fluffy is certainly not what this romance is about, but engrossing and a good deal of emotion it certainly delivers and I would recommend this one for fans of Donna Alward."

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