Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Voices is LIVE!

Today is September 13 which means that the Mills and Boon NEW VOICES competition is now live and writers can upload their first chapter. Readers can rate and comment, and an editoral team will select 20 finalists to go on to the next round.

I mentioned last week that those 20 finalists will each be given an author mentor and editor to help them through the next round(s) and that brings me to the second piece of good news that I've been sitting on for MONTHS - I'm honoured to be one of the author mentors for the competition! (I found out last spring and was sworn to secrecy.) I'll be helping one of the finalists polish up their second chapter and then hopefully a pivotal moment as well (for the top 4).

You can read the first entries, the mentor bios, and also hear from the editors involved as they chat about the competition and give a little bit of info about the authors on their team. You can find a little about me by watching Carly Corcoran's video.

It's all very exciting! I've already read a few really great entries! The judges are going to have quite a job on their hands! There will also be some top tips on the site as the first round continues, and I'm guessing those blog posts are going to be really fab even if you're not entering.

Now...word count waits for no man - or contest. Time to get to work!


  1. I've been through some of them and the ones I've read are great. I have to remember to refrain from checking my own entry every two mins lol. Good luck to everyone who enters x

  2. You're a mentor! It's very exciting :-)

    I love that 38 people have already submitted. Brave souls!

    Happy writing!