Monday, September 26, 2011

It never fails

It never fails - the moment a book is done and I relax, I get sick. This time I can sorta blame my eldest, who got up Saturday morning feeling like crap with a virus. Neither of my kids are nappers, especially at this age, so for her to go back to bed and sleep for another few hours, and then fall asleep again in the afternoon, it's a significant thing.

I got up this morning with my throat feeling like I'm swallowing glass and no get up and go whatsoever. I've been up for nearly 3 hours already; I really should eat something and nothing sounds appealing. So ugh. Thank God the book is written, because at least now I'm down to editing and I do feel a lot less pressure than I did on Friday. Friday, by the way, was a crazy writing day. But the closer I got to the last scene or two the more I knew I couldn't stop until it was all there. Endings are like that. :-)

Eldest, at least, is at school, with mostly a little head congestion but all other symptoms gone.

Now I'm off to hang out laundry - despite having this bug the weather here is like summer - sunny and supposed to go to 25 today. And then maybe I'll put something in my stomach other than throat lozenges and coffee...


  1. Aw, Donna - so sorry that your fabulous writing streak had such yukky consequences. Hope you feel better soon. Was so impressed that you were powering through it last week, especially as my story is dragging along at the moment!

  2. Rats! But I suspect a lot of it is letting go of tension. You hold off the nasties while you are concentrating one hundred per cent on something else and then the minute you relax, wham!

    Hope you're feeling better very soon.