Thursday, September 29, 2011


Still feeling kind of meh here, boy this is a bug who moved in and made itself at home despite sleep, meds, and vitamins. :-) Another day or two should set it to rights - my eldest is feeling much better now so five days seems to be the trick.

So I'm doing housekeeping tasks today - some promo stuff coming up in October to mark my 2-release month, and another request for info, and dealing with some interesting e-mails that mean some fun things for next year's schedule. I've also started work on a novella as I wait for my editor's verdict on the book that just went in. Fingers hugely crossed.

What do I REALLY want to be doing? Finishing THE DUKE AND I by Julia Quinn. I love it. Tortured hero, spunky heroine, scandal and a deliciously wonderfully drawn family...I'm going to end up glomming the whole Bridgerton series, I bet.

Like my TBR isn't big enough already.

Speaking of - you can find me over at The Pink Heart Society today with my Pink Heart Picks review of THE HEART OF A HERO by Barbara Wallace. Fab book. Seriously great. And I also announced what I'm reading in October, so check it out.

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  1. Aw it's a shame it wasn't a 24 hour bug. Don't work too hard :-(