Thursday, September 08, 2011

Hodge Podge

Today is a hodge podge post - I'm taking a few minutes to blog while I'm waiting for my lunch to cook. I've already managed about 1500 words this morning, so I'm taking a break to shake out the cobwebs before getting back to the story - another 1000 words would make me really happy and on track to hit the 25k mark tomorrow.

I spent the first 2 days this week working on the first 3 and a half chapters again. I was seriously put out with my heroine. She was driving me crazy. Because of her backstory, she's sweet and has ISSUES. Problem was the issues were too much. She was not proactive, but reacting to everything. I didn't like her very much. I didn't see her taking control of situations. Ugh Ugh Ugh.

So I had to go through and sort of put her in a different mind space. It wasn't always easy. Sometimes, though, a simple change to body language helped. It also helped to actually come out and state what her goal is - independence. I also had to shift the why and how she feels afraid. Once I figured it out, it was a lot easier than reading through and just thinking Ugh Ugh Ugh. LOL Now I'm writing new scenes and really loving it. Ty is such a great hero.

News that totally jazzed me yesterday: Scott Foley is joining the cast of True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!! Huzzah! Made me want to break out my UNIT dvd's.

It's also only a few weeks until premieres of my go-to shows of CASTLE and the NCIS's. And the dh and I found another series we LOVE (but man, the epis seem to be taking a long time to air!). We're watching STRIKE BACK and I have a serious thing for Philip Winchester.

Being back in a regular schedule has been good too. I finally got my eating back on track, and the workouts too. After a few weeks of craziness and little workout time, my body was feeling it. After 3 days of being back in the saddle, I feel better already. I'm on my last week of P90X, then I'm going to take one week of easier workouts before doing my second round.

I did try an old workout dvd the other day and after 10 minutes I had to shut it off. I couldn't stand the woman leading the session. I do think the Beachbody products have spoiled me for other programs. I like Tony's chatter and wacky sense of humour even if it is corny at times. Even in an hour long workout I'm not bored. I also discovered that I'm far more about muscles and fitness than weight loss. When I look at celebrities it's rarely the thinnest, graceful types that I find most attractive but those in the best shape. I kind of like the kick ass girls too. So Rutina Wesley in True Blood, Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck (her decline pushups jazz me to no end), and Daniela Ruah in NCIS LA (though I can't do anything about the height. That girl has legs to her neck). For me it's strong strong strong.  That's what makes me feel good!

And the toaster oven just dinged, which means my chicken breast is ready to put on top of a yummy salad for lunch! Then another writing session, and on to Kenpo X to burn some goo.

Have a good'un - I'm doing fine organizing my time so far but as deadline draws closer, the blog could get quieter! I do find that focusing for chunks of time is working great for productivity.

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