Monday, September 05, 2011

Going International

I'm thrilled that I have several foreign releases this month!

The Soldier's Homecoming is out in France beginning on the 15th! :-) Surprising as this was my third ever release and I love the cover! Here's the link on amazon.

Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle is out in Italy.

And it's also available in Mexico and Argentina.

For right now, I'm enjoying the Labour Day holiday with a swim in the pool and a barbeque later! Happy long weekend!


  1. Ciao Donna:

    Do you know how to autograph your books in the given foreign languages?

    I’m reading one of Liz Fielding’s Italian romances right now. Little by little. : )

    Here’s what they said about you on the Italian site:

    “Tra le autrici più amate e lette dal pubblico italiano.”

    “Among the most loved and read authors published in Italian.” (That’s not a bad tag line!)

    I think it is interesting to read how titles change in translation.

    “Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle” becomes “Una vicina da scoprire” which I make out to mean “Discovering a female neighbor”, of course, to an Italian it would not seem stilted. Maybe, “Getting to Know the Woman Next Door” is more like it.

    Now I’d like to know when will we get some Italian romances translated in English?

    Do the French Canadians write romances in French there in Canada?


  2. Donna ~ Congratulations on the foreign releases. I love seeing this kind of news. I love it when authors post pictures of their foreign releases.

    Thanks Vince for all the information you gave on Donna and the Italian translations. It was so interesting to read.