Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking the day off

I wanted to get to 15k this week and I surpassed 16, and THE SUN IS OUT. This is big news. It has been completely dreary and dismal ALL WEEK. All of us have been grumpy. And I did work more during the yucky weather. So this morning it was foggy when the husband and I went to the grocery store and it was blue skies and sun when we came out.

I could work this afternoon, but tomorrow is a "work" day as I'm giving a workshop at Prescott House Museum for most of the day. So this afternoon I'm going to enjoy the sunny reprieve and work in the yard. First things first - walking the dog and going to my neighbours to collect my load of laundry and hang it out. Our new washer won't be here until next Wednesday or Thursday, so I'm doing the odd load at her house to get us through. :-)

It is amazing how a little sunshine can make someone's mood do a total 180. I was tired and really unmotivated this morning. Now I'm ready to kick Friday's butt! This is very good news indeed.

Have a great weekend - this is birthday weekend for me so it means cake on Sunday and there is a rumour that the husband is making me barbequed ribs and fresh corn for dinner. 


  1. Happy Birthday weekend! I hope you have a great time. Congrats on the 16K!

  2. Happy birthday for today Donna. Hope you have a great time. Caroline x