Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer stuff

I realized I haven't updated since last Friday! That's because I've been running around doing fun stuff. On Saturday I did the day long workshop at Prescott House Museum - it was lovely, the weather was great, the staff was fab, and when it was done my friend Kelly and I hit Blomidon Estate Winery, Noggins Farm Market and Fox Hill Cheese.

I got home to find supper on the go - and a clean house. Plus we celebrated my birthday a day early with fave foods like my husband's barbequed ribs and fresh corn and cake. Yum!

That meant Sunday was a lazy day of reading and walking the dog with the neighbours and swimming in the pool.

Monday my eldest started volleyball camp so there's earlier starts and extra driving. She is having a marvelous time. My youngest and I also took Monday as a "girlie" day - we went shopping for jeans and indoor sneakers, made a trip to the library AND the bookstore, and I took her for a proper sit-down lunch that was delicious. Yesterday we made 2 kinds of muffins together. This morning we (youngest, the husband and me) went to a nearby park to walk the dog. I'm going bike riding later.

Summer is coming to a close soon - the end of next weeks marks the first of "us" to go back to a regular work schedule (the husband goes back on the 26th) and the kids follow soon after. On one hand, I'm looking forward to the fall schedule and fall IS my favourite time of year.

But on the other, summer has gone very quickly and I'm not totally ready for it to be over.


  1. Happy belated Birthday Donna. It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.

    Let's see, I think your birthday must be August 14th so you are a Leo like me.

  2. That sounds just perfect, Donna! Enjoy every last moment of summer, I'm totally jealous because summer doesn't even seem to have started here in Ireland yet!