Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's only Wednesday?

In some ways this week is flying by and in other ways...I want to say is it over yet?

It's been a bit of a roller coaster here in Casa Alward. The good news is I've focused my energies on getting a lot of work done to keep my mind occupied. And I've taken the kids on some nice walks with the dog. Hopefully tonight my husband will be back home after a bit of a family emergency on Monday. Circumstances being what they were, it was better if he went alone but I did spend some time waiting for him to call or text with updates.

Today my mom is having minor surgery and last week my step dad went in hospital for an operation, so there's been plenty of worry and also plenty of chatting between my sister and me. We're related on both sides of the family as we married 2 brothers so one of us is usually in the loop about one thing or the other. We always have a laugh about something, and it brightens my day.

And good news for my youngest who went back to the doc on Friday, finally got some meds and is already doing better after a summer of being mostly miserable and exhausted. The last time she was in they suggested letting nature take its course. Nature kind of goofed off and went on holiday, I think. So this time we hit the pharmacy.

But you know, despite it all I'm thinking we're all kind of floating along and doing okay. I've really enjoyed the time home with the kids and other half this summer and the weather's been great. We've done some odd jobs and spent some time in the sun. The kids have had friends over and on the whole it's been fairly relaxing, other issues aside.

And now I've gotten a lot of stuff done that was outstanding for this fall, meaning that when the house is empty again in a few weeks, I can knuckle down and focus on the book due October 1.

The other thing I'm really looking forward to? The Mills and Boon New Voices competition starting September 13. It's going to be hectic and fabulous! If you're an aspiring romance author, check out for deets on it all.

For now I'm going to go walk the dog while the good weather holds!


  1. Oh I hope everyone is ok Donna, and on the mend. Glad you had a great summer with the kids, and that the weather is good. Caroline x

  2. Donna ~ Hugs Hope everyone will be alright.

  3. Hi Donna -- Hope the Elder Alwards are feeling better.

    Interesting what you said about you and your sister marrying two brothers. I didn't know that.

    My mother, her sister, & her brother married my father, his brother & his sister. (well not all at once, but you know, 3 from one family marrying 3 from another family.)

    Stranger than fiction . . .

  4. Glad the week is ending more up than down, Donna. Have a good weekend.