Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Day Camp, Schedules, Candles and Word Count (not to mention washing machines)

I've been nose to the grindstone the last few days, and I kind of like where my story is going right now. Today was all about adding a scene as the one I had needed something before it. And the one that I had is going to be extended too - into a first date scene (I think by chapter 3-4 they've earned a date, don't you?). So yay - I'm up to over 14,000 words now. And I'm really loving Ty.

I've been blogging around though - so first of all you can catch my post from yesterday at  Petticoats and Pistols. It's all about childhood dreams and horses. :-)

Then you can venture over to The Pink Heart Society where today I talk about how a fun day of candle making turned into one requiring several bandaids (and a few choice swear words from yours truly).

And at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs I chat about how my usual "scheduled" way of life changes in the summer and how I've been handling that (hint - there's fun involved).

As far as the washing machine thing goes? We're waiting to hear on parts costs. It is not looking good. We have only had this washer for maybe 6 years? And it was not a cheap one either. I rather suspect a new machine is in our future.  It may be time to do some creative accounting...

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