Monday, July 18, 2011

On Staycation

This week I'm on staycation. It's like vacation but not going anywhere, which is infinitely cheaper than traveling (especially as I did go to New York). It's great because the husband has been on course for 3 weeks and is now off for 5. My revisions got handed in last week as well so fingers crossed this go-round did the trick. We're all under the same roof for the first time since about June 20, and by George we're going to enjoy it.

I have a list. I know, it doesn't sound like vacation with a to-do list, right? Oh, but it is. If I'm not "working" then I am puttering away on odd jobs that have been put off...and put off...and put off. Already the house has been cleaned and the laundry done, the grass mowed, getting the weekly chores out of the way. I have deadheaded in the garden, weeded the ditch (yuck) and taken 5 big bags of castoffs to the goodwill. Honestly the kids seem to grow WEEKLY around here, as we discovered when we went through their school stuff and decided to do their closets and drawers at the same time. The upstairs carpets have been steam cleaned - another item off the list, thanks to the husband who fixed the steam cleaner and then had it all nearly done by the time I arrived home.

I still have a large list but there are FIVE weeks in which to do it all. Today it is cloudy and supposed to rain, so once I walk the dog I'm coming back to do the accounts. And I've been READING. I'm telling you - all this non-working productivity is THE BOMB.

Just in case this doesn't sound very fun, let me give you a run-down of yesterday afternoon. We swam in the pool. We drank pina coladas. Eldest went to a friend's for a barbeque and the three of us left at home had bbq'd hotdogs and strawberry shortcake. We went outside and played badminton and then threw the softball around and had lots of laughs. I did yoga, and the husband and I watched the new epi of True Blood. It's not all work and no play. :-)

Right - dog walking is next! See ya on the flip side!

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  1. We did the same thing last week. Hubby and son #1 both had time off, and we got all sorts of pesky chores done. But we also had fun, and lots of naps in the shade :-)