Monday, July 11, 2011

New York - Post 2 and Western Week

It's Western Week at the Harlequin blog - and there are prizes to be won! You can find me there tomorrow, but there are books to be won all week as well as a bigger prize at the end. I'll post a link tomorrow.

Also today you can find me talking about some western-y stuff (including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) at Petticoats and Pistols and The Pink Heart Society.

Allrightythen - back to NY, shall we?

I left off with the Librarian's Day events, which led into the Literacy Signing. The lines were huge. Ginormous. We were asked to stay past 7:30 because some people hadn't had a chance to get in yet. I sat by the very friendly Laura Marie Altom - it's so great to have a seat-mate you can chat to! I also knew that Meg Cabot was signing a new YA, so the generous Kaily Hart got me 2 copies, signed to each of my girls. I was particularly excited about it and so were the girls when I pulled the books out of my carry-on!

During the signing I also got to meet my editor in person for the first time! There was no mistaking her as she looks just like her pictures! After I'd paid for my books I hot-footed it to the Bookseller's Best Awards.

The Detroit RWA chapter does it up right - including a reception with food and a cash bar. It gave me time to unwind with a glass of wine and I was joined by Linda Fildew, Sr Editor for HMB Historicals. Shortly after my Sr Editor Bryony Green arrived and then my editor, Sally Williamson. We all sat together and to my delight (and amazement) Her Lone Cowboy won! You just don't expect that when you're in a category with Marion Lennox, Jessica Hart and Myrna MacKenzie! Aftewards we celebrated by going for drinkies at The View, the revolving restaurant/bar at the top of the Marriott.

So Tuesday was absolutely crazy.

Wednesday morning was an early start - breakfast with my chapter mates! It was great to catch up and then it was off to Opening Remarks - Steve Berry, Diana Gabaldon and Tess Gerritson were fantastic during their Q&A and it was particularly cute to see the chemistry between Steve and Diana. Lots of laughs.

From there it was directly to the Mills and Boon Meet and Greet for the editors and authors, and then a meeting with my roomie Fiona Harper and Bryony Green to go over our presentation for Friday. Then it was lunch - with speaker Madeline Hunter. Sadly the audio wasn't working great, we were seated at the back and really couldn't hear much of anything.

There was a bit of a lull and then it was off to Sarabeths' for Tea with the Romance authors, just off of Central Park. Hailing a cab proved a bit of a challenge, so Fiona and I walked back to the hotel - it was quite nice, actually. And then the Pink Heart Society editors met for a Pink Champagne toast before Jenna (in pink) headed off to the PASIC reception and Michelle and I changed into PJ's for the eHarlequin PJ party.

The PJ party is always lots of fun and I had a great time, staying later than I intended and finding myself really glad I'd a)stopped the alcohol after the champagne toast and b)gobbled down a protein bar before the party. It's really easy to overdo in all the excitement, and I had a big day on Thursday, so thankfully I kept to water during the party as I chatted to lots of people and stuck Pink Heart Society stickers on their chests! Here I am with RWA peep and Carina author Kelly Boyce.

Tomorrow I'll wrap up with Thursday and Friday's events!


  1. So glad your girls were excited about the books!! I was more than happy to do it. AND I beat the crowds :). Lovely meeting you too.

  2. Had a great time at the pj party too! Any excuse to walk around in my pjs. :)