Friday, July 29, 2011

Kickin' the weekend off right

It's the youngest's birthday today, so a good portion of the day has been birthday celebrations. Like tubing on the lake and a barbeque for dinner. Tomorrow we're going to see the new Harry Potter.

Lots of other good things happened today too. First of all, I woke up to this review - a fantastic review for Sold To the Highest Bidder on Romantic Rose's Bookshelf. It is lovely and a "keeper" review!

Then late this afternoon I got word from my editor that my 14th Harlequin Romance has sold! Woo! This is part of a duet so no word on title or date yet. I expect we're waiting to have both books lined up before making anything official.

She also read over my new first chapter and gave it the go ahead - with some brilliant adjustments. The opening for this story was giving me fits, so I'm very pleased that on the whole it was fine and my direction wasn't way out in left field. Next week I'm going to work on getting the partial into shape!

Have a good weekend!

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