Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do we know how to vacation or what?

Today's vacation activities included taking our bottles into the bottle depot and our electronics recycling to the depot. When we got back, the kids had packed a picnic so...get ready for it...the next event was taking a truckload of stuff to the dump. Exciting, yes? We had a great drive, and after we got rid of our stuff we stopped at a park, ate our yummy picnic lunch (salad with chicken for me) and let the dog have a swim in the river. It was a real treat for her!

It's all high class around here.

It was really fun though, and even a trip to the dump can have a sense of occasion. :-) After we got home we had a swim in the pool and a quick visit from my niece and her husband who are just back from their honeymoon.

I am not even going to venture a guess what tomorrow will bring!


  1. Lol Donna! If it makes you happy that's all it needs to do

  2. Anonymous5:19 a.m.

    Sometimes just getting out of the house is a fun trip. Combine it with a picnic and you're laughing! Caroline x

  3. hey! as long as it's fun, it's a vacation!