Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Work

The great thing about vacations is that it usually doesn't take me long to feel like I NEED to write. In this case, 10 days. I am back to work today on the next story and I'm glad.

But there are challenges. Everyone is home now until school goes back in. EVERYONE. And there are times I don't WANT to work. It would be easy to shut off the computer and go outside and work in the yard and what not. As I'm typing the husband is out washing the siding. There are weeds. It's a gorgeous day.

So the plan of attack is to chunk write - 2 chunks each morning, leaving the afternoons free to work in the yard/swim/hang with the fam. 2 chunks is 1500 words, so it's not a huge output but it is enough that it will add up consistently.

Yesterday we had company over and I ate wayyyyyy too much. We had crackers/cream cheese/wine jelly, wings, and tortilla chips and nacho dip for the SNACK. And then barbequed burgers and had salads for supper and our neighbour brought 2 chilled pies - a cream cheese strawberry and a mojito pie which were delicious. Thank goodness there was swimming in the pool, a game of 500 up and some badminton in the yard to counteract all the food. Because I didn't mention that the margarita maker was in service either, did I?

How's your summer going?

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  1. chunk write. I like that. For me, it's only 250 words at a time. But it's forward movement.