Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sure Signs of Summer

When the garden starts blooming, I know summer is on its way - despite how wet and grey and cool it's been so far! On the few odd sunny days we've had, I've snapped a few pics. Next week should be even better - the Weigela and Clematis are budding and are sure to be in flower soon!

But for now I'll just leave you with some pics to cheer up your Thursday. It is hard to be gloomy when there are flowers.
Apple Blossoms

Mini Rhododendron

Bleeding Heart


Lilacs- that the deer didn't get this year! Ha!

I'm told this is wild dogwood.

Wild Lily of the Valley. Flowers look diff and smaller, but smell gorgeous.


  1. Very pretty flower pictures - they look great. It's allready gotten really hot here and our plants are beginning to wilt just a bit

  2. Gorgeous pics, Donna. Your dogwood has leaves exactly like those on our dogwood tree - do they go dark red in autumn? (Our tree doesn't have flowers... I *think* - if it does, they're over now anyway!) I've got some garden pics on my eHarl post at the moment - you might like our cytisus, which has pineapple-shaped flowers that actually smell of pineapple!