Monday, June 13, 2011

Catching up

It's Monday! We had a super productive weekend here and even managed a quick dip in the pool (it's cool enough that quick did the trick. The pool was only 76 degrees on Saturday afternoon!). My revisions are sent and that means the next 2 weeks leading up to RWA 11 in New York are filled with organizational tasks and hopefully some word count on the next project. Today I have cut my inbox by half, and despite the mail strike I have gotten my mailout together for the post office - it's still operating M-W-F. :-) Hopefully this means prizes I'm sending now will not be delayed by any more than a few days.

My husband was also home part of the morning since today is college graduation and he had to be on hand to give out diplomas. Then he is going out to lunch with colleagues. A "slow" day like today makes up for the days when he is up until ten or eleven doing prep work. :-) My sister called too and we caught up...and before I know it the day will be gone!

Right now while I'm waiting for something, I'm going to read the RWR that came last week and that has been waiting for a spare moment ever since. I am enjoying having revisions done and am crossing fingers that my editor likes what I've done!

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