Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#WW - The 4 D's Post 2: Desire

Welcome back to the 4 D's! If you missed last week, you can read the post on Determination.

Today's post isn't going to be super long as the concept is fairly simple: Desire.

In short - if you're going to be a published author, you have to want it.

I can't think of anyone who decided they'd take the time to write a 50-100,000 word story on a lark or because they were bored. And then sent it to a publisher, not caring if it got accepted or not. In some ways, Desire is the easiest of the 4 D's, because most writers I've ever talked to say that they have stories that need to be told, that they need to write. It is not just what we do but a large part of who we are. It is what separates us from those who say "I'd like to write a book some day". It is not about doing something that sounds like it would be cool but because we have something to say. That something to say will very likely become your core story, by the way.

So the first thing you need is the desire to actually sit and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. You have to have the desire not just to write the story but to finish it. You have to have the desire to not just finish that story but to write another and make it even better. You pretty much have to have the desire to keep writing and see it through. You have to have the desire to accept rejections and keep going anyway. If you're not willing to do that, you probably will not make it. Because you have to have the desire to put in the hard work. And it IS hard work. Maybe you've heard a story about a writer who zipped out a manuscript and had it accepted and oh it was a breeze. It might be true, though I would probably raise an eyebrow at such a claim. Even if it IS true, it will never be that easy for that writer ALL the time. It is work and make no mistake.

Desire is what Donald Maass calls Fire in the Belly. Do you have it?

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