Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday ramblings (aka the to-do list)

Today is a regular hodge podge of stuff - I've tidied my inbox, updated all sorts of fun facts on the book pages in Shelfari and LibraryThing, made 2 appointments (one for dog, one for husband), and cleaned the oven. I still have three items on my "work" to-do list and all three are rather significant, and my "house" to-do list is ginormous and I'm in denial. One job at a time. Considering I am giving a talk at the school tomorrow and also have to go to Costco on Thursday I see my week getting away with me. But one job at a time usually does get things done.

The cold seems to be "mostly" gone - I say mostly because I am still coughing now and again and blowing my nose more than I'd like, but I feel pretty good. Yesterday I finally started P90X and surprised myself with being able to do a couple of moves that I couldn't when I tried them in another program months ago. There were a few challenges (I hear the word dips and I shudder) but I fared better than I expected. Room for improvement but I definitely wasn't demoralized. :-) Then I did a 2 k run and ended up walking the dog in a lull in the rain yesterday so it was a good day. Today is CardioX and we'll see how I manage to keep up...

And there's a rumour flying about that we might actually have SUN. It might be true. The dandelions that were closed up this morning are blooming all over my lawn at the moment. This happened last year too (in fact I did a post about embracing the dandelion) and my plan of attack is the same: mow, mow, mow. Especially before they get to seed. That seemed to do the trick.

Now if I could only find a way to get rid of ants that didn't involve hours of cleaning and words like "borax" and "vinegar". Sigh.


  1. You sure are busy. Too bad the Blogger glitch hit your blog. Another thing to put on the To Do list.

  2. I used to buy ant traps, but I thought they were expensive. Now I leave cornmeal out, as it is poisonous to ants, near where I think they are entering (front door, back door, kitchen sink pipes). I then put the cornmeal on my kitchen counter in the corner, as that seemed to be where I'd see them the most often. I still have duct tape covering a corner of our said counter, as they seemed to be entering there.

    This is the first spring we didn't have them (knock wood) in something like a decade, and I think it is because we put new siding up last summer - including the back kitchen wall.

    Good luck!