Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is me

After last week's RNA do across the pond, an article appeared in the Daily Mail that has caused a lot of controversy - mainly by calling romance novelists old ladies with blue rinses writing about sex to top up their pensions. In response, a lot of people have posted pics of themselves saying this is what a romance novelist looks like. So this is me, in a pic from a few months ago. Under 40, no blue rinse, no pension, and only occasionally writing about sex. Most of the time I write about love and mutually respectful relationships, but what the hey.

There is slightly less of me now than there was in that picture - while the scale only dropped a smidgen in the last week (week 1 of P90X) I did see some nice changes in inches. Someone did tell me I would see the inches first and then the weight would come. That'd be fab. Because truthfully I'd much rather BE smaller than I seem than look bigger than I weigh. :-)

This week's a short week, and my to-do list is still long (surprisingly so, considering all I accomplished last week during week 1 off deadline!) so I'm going to get to it. Back tomorrow with the next of the 4 D's posts for #WW.


  1. You're looking fab Donna - you SHOW those Daily Mail idiots!

  2. Aw, thanks Rach!That was a fun afternoon - a bunch of us signed books and had a blast.

  3. Hi Donna:

    I must say you’re looking a lot happier today than you do in your black gothic photo! : )

    BTW: your statement that you:

    “…only occasionally writing about sex. Most of the time I write about love and mutually respectful relationships…”

    sets up a false dichotomy.

    I’ve read your ‘sex’ writing and it is also about love and mutually respectful relationships (only with sex). That is, there is no gratuitous sex.

    Unless…like Anais Nin…you have secret writings only a select few have read! : )


    Experienced beta reader.

  4. Vince- I'm having a new headshot done soon. The photo really isn't goth, but the black and white showed a lot fewer impurities than the colour version!

    Ok so the amendment would read that I always write about love and mutually respectful relationships that sometimes includes sex? :-)