Monday, May 02, 2011

Not Getting Political. Celebrating Instead.

I make a point of keeping my political views private unless I just can't stand to be quiet (which does happen on occasion). So today I'm not going to blog about the Bin Laden news, and I'm not going to chat about the Federal Election happening in my country today. I will speak with my vote, and be glad I live in a country where I can do so.

There's still lots of other stuff going on, though! A new review for an older book popped up at Eharlequin today and it make me smile. So if you're so inclined, here's the review for Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous.

Tomorrow is launch day for HONEYMOON WITH THE RANCHER! And as it's the first of the month, there are THINGS happening. First of all, I've just sent out my newsletter. If you aren't signed up but would like to be, kindly use the sign up box on the right sidebar. :-) I'll get a notification, and I'll forward you the newsletter that went out this morning.

As well, Lee Hyat of Author Sound Relations has done a brilliant Newswire for me. If you're not on her mailing list, you can view it in a browser. You may want to do that because there are prizes involved. Like books. And an amazon card.

And while foreign releases have been a little thin on the ground of late, HER LONE COWBOY is out in Mexico this month.

So you see, lots of good things! And more to come during the week as I have an interview scheduled not to mention a few more "appearances" around the web and a few more prizes to be won.

Stay tuned, K?


  1. Nice review. I believe that Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous was the first book of yours that I read. Besides the romance, I have strong memories of the setting and the b&b inn.

  2. Oooo I LOVE that cover!! Would love to do that.. cept am violently allergic to horses and would look anything but pretty in that position *lol* hate stupid allergies!
    Re-edited vsn of The Arrival now up and just .99c for May ONLY

  3. Hi Donna Mary gave your book a great review and I agree with everything she said. I know you are having a rough day but hang in there. your loyal readers love your books.

    I voted in the advance polls. I can't understand people who don't vote.