Friday, May 13, 2011

#Fridayreads: The Outlaw Bride and To Marry A Matchmaker

Debut author Kelly Boyce has a treat for lovers of the Western Romance - THE OUTLAW BRIDE!

I actually don't know where to start with this review. This story was fantastically crafted! Sympathetic, lovely characters, a plot that keeps you wondering how in heck it's going to play out, great dialogue, wonderful pace, and a homespun, cozy Western setting. Honest to God, I could see this story playing out in my head and hear the voices of the characters. I was drawn right into the world of Connor and Kate. Add in a traumatized little girl and a family secret and there was just so much good stuff  going on!

It's risky writing a heroine who is already married, but of course she's married to a Very. Bad.Man and running for her life. It just goes to show that it's all in the execution and this one is done beautifully.

If you enjoy historical westerns, you're going to love this story.

I also finished my CP's (Michelle Styles) latest: To Marry A Matchmaker:

When I started TO MARRY A MATCHMAKER, I instantly thought of Emma and Mr. Knightley. Henrietta and Robert are friends, make wagers, have arguments, and joke with each other. But neither truly realizes how important they are to each other, and that friendship and passion are not exclusive from love.

Henri has held on to her grief and guilt about her first husband's death for too long and lets their relationship form the yardstick by which she measures love, and contents herself with matchmaking for others. Robert challenges her to a wager that she will not interfere with other's lives - just as his ward comes to the northeastern town of Corbridge on the cusp of a scandal involving none other than Henri's cousin, Sebastien, a rake of the first order. Now Henri is sworn to stay out of it or else lose the wager. On top of it all, the attraction she feels for Robert is blooming into something more, confusing everything.

The ending is truly lovely, and the story is warm, intimate, and witty. This is quite possibly my favourite tale from Michelle Styles!


  1. I've also reviewed Kelly Boyce's ebook The Outlaw Bride and thought the book was fantastic! I'll have to pick up your other review.

  2. Thanks! Glad you both enjoyed it! :)