Friday, May 06, 2011


It's Friday! Hurrah! Though I have a lot of work to do (like writing the last chapter of my WIP!), I'm excited. We're finally supposed to be done with this horrid dreary weather and the plan is to do some more yard work/spring cleaning on the weekend. I envision a clothes line full of clean clothes, and perhaps mowing the grass. But probably not until Sunday. It is going to need at least a good day to dry up enough to mow.

I had the BEST run last night on the treadmill. I did my 3 min warm up and planned to run 25 min before doing a 2 min walk/cool down. But I got to the 25 mark and thought I could maybe do 5 min longer. So I ran for 30, go me! The downside is my back is a bit stiff this morning, even though I stretched afterwards. I'm not sure if it was the run or not, but I have running club this afternoon (instead of yesterday) so hopefully it will work it out. I've modified my eating for a few days in an effort to kickstart my weight loss again, and it's working which is exciting. It's a short term only sort of thing, but what's surprising to me is that I'm still ingesting approx 1200 calories a day for each of the 3 days. It's just how I'm ingesting them that is different. I have not been this weight since...fall of 2007.  Lots more work to do, but I'm down almost 28 lbs from last year which makes me happy.

And finally, Friday reads. I will hang my head in shame. My friend Kelly is entitled to smack me on the back of the head because I still haven't finished The Outlaw Bride. I hope to do that this weekend and post a review early in the week. I have a difficult time reading this close to deadline. My head is usually so full of my own book that reading is challenging, and also it seems to be so busy lately! By the time we got groceries, had dinner, I worked out, did dishes and folded laundry it was after 10 o'clock.

Have a good weekend all, and don't forget you can catch me at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs tomorrow!


  1. Happy friday and have a good weekend, too!

  2. I do hope the weather stays clear so you can do all that outside work! And, oh boy, you are a million times more enthused about your treadmill than I am mine!! I did 30 minutes of cardio the other day and wanted to die. Have a wonderful weekend ~