Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FINALLY - sunshine!

The weather is GORGEOUS today! About time, too - we've had an absolute miserable May. I've been up, had breakfast, delivered a bike to a neighbour, had the dog to the groomer for her summer cut, and put clothes on the line! Now I have to hustle through some word count so I can work in the garden this afternoon.

I'm over at the Pink Heart Society today with one of my favourite Deadline Recipes and something you can tweak and play with to your own taste. It's not the kind of thing I'd make on a day like today, though - the sun and warmth is begging for grilling so I've taken out pork loin chops and I'm going to put them to marinate in some olive oil and fresh herbs from the herb garden.

Enjoy the day - hope it's gorgeous where you are too!


  1. It's supposed to get really hot today but I'm hoping they're wrong...lol...sounds like you've had a very productive morning!

  2. Glad your May is ending so brightly. Those kinds of days are energizing.

    We've got bright blue skies today, but too much wind to make going outside enjoyable. I was watering and the the wind blew the water about a foot to the left. A couple of evenings ago our local herd of mule deer ate all the flowers on the petunia and pansy plants I put in containers on the patio for my mom on Mother's day. I got some natural repellant, hope it works.