Thursday, April 07, 2011

Worth Posting Twice

This is totally worth posting twice in one morning. I LOVE it. I love the back blurb. I love the kid, I love how they got the colouring of Luke and Sam right, I adore the dog. My good friends are going to love it too because the dog looks quite like their pup Belle (same breed). This cover gives me a happy sigh. Just click on the image for a larger version to make it easier to read the blurb. :-)


  1. It's a beautiful cover, Donna. Love the dog. He looks so eager but obedient!

  2. Hi Donna:

    That cover is perfect! Do you think there is any chance that Mills & Boon will improve on it? It’s not over there yet.

    Does the story take place in Canada?

    Will it be available on June 1st at eHarlequin?


  3. Thanks Bev!

    Vince, I think I posted the UK cover a few weeks ago - I'm paired up with Soraya Lane and her debut (hooray!). It's a great cover but with a totally different feel. It's out in June in the UK, so will be available there on May 1.

    But yes. The story does take place in Canada and it will be on eharlequin June 1!

  4. Anonymous5:01 p.m.

    Oh Donna, I love it! Especially the dog :)

    I tried to load my cover flat on my blog but couldn't because it was a pdf? What trick did you use?


  5. Donna ~ I love the cover ~ A rancher a dog and a boy ~ winning combination as far as I'm concerned. Hope your busy week is tapering off a bit.

  6. Gorgeous cover! Congrats =)

  7. Love the cover, front and back! Reminds me of my visit to SW Alberta.
    Little Sam has something important to tell Luke. And Luke is really listening.
    My "word verification" is ellycher. It would make a good pseudonym. Elly Cher.

  8. Live it, Donna! the cover fairies come through again!

  9. Lovely cover! Congrats!

  10. I'm one who always says my preference is for covers without people, but I take that back for this one! From the blurb it seems to fit the story perfectly (and I'm a sucker for dogs, too). Love it!