Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why do we worry about what can't be changed?

Why is it we worry about something we've done that we can't change? It's a futile thing simply by definition. As of right now, we can't go back in time and change something so why do we obsess and feel guilty when there is not a single blessed thing we can do about it now?

And I'm not talking about the BIG questions in life. I'm talking about the little stuff. Like last night. My eldest had a meeting and we forgot. She forgot, I forgot, and I only remembered when I dropped her off at school today. It's not like we can turn back the clock and make it right. Nor is it likely that the world is going to end. Yes, she made a commitment and she should honour it. But no one is perfect and it's the first meeting she's missed all year.

But I feel horribly bad about it - disproportionately bad.

We beat ourselves up about stuff all the time like this. And really, nothing can derail good intentions or progess like screwing up and then not rebounding from it. Like weight loss. If you screw up - miss a few workouts, eat some things you shouldn't - you can't fix it now. You can only control TODAY and what you do TODAY and there is not much sense in letting one or two days ruin all your progress. And that's why it's important to get into habits.

My Beachbody coach sent his weekly e-mail and confessed that birthday food happened during the past week. And that he felt horrible. Not guilty horrible but physically horrible. That's what happens when you set up habits. That's also why I allow treats. Sometimes it satisfies a craving but other times it makes me feel horrible and I remember why I want to eat better. The last time I ate McDonalds (burger and fries, not a salad) I thought I was going to be ill.

Anyway you can't change yesterday, you can only control today. It's actually quite a liberating thought. Easier said than executed though!

Speaking of, my workouts have been...sporadic. Between running club and kidlet tournaments etc. we haven't done our Power 90 in over a week. The good news is I HAVE been running twice a week, walking twice a day most days, and I spent the entire weekend cleaning, and if you've ever washed walls by hand you know you burn some calories. My weight actually went down a little and last night I had a fab run on the treadmill - 30 minutes. We're hoping tonight we get back in the cut. It's a sculpt day and I never thought I'd say that but I'm looking forward to some pushups.

Otherwise it's working on the WIP, which I'm starting to like quite a bit and which hopefully now that I've cleared my desk of many other things is going to start coming together a little faster. :-)


  1. Hi Donna:

    We worry about what we cannot change in order to impress on ourselves, in real time, not to do it again!

    Che sarà sarà.

    No Problem, Mon.

    It is also called penance.


  2. " nothing can derail good intentions or progess like screwing up and then not rebounding from it."

    Very true.