Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Well, some of the stress is working its way to GONE, partly because things went well yesterday and the sun is shining and...well, it just is. Having a few things off the to-do list is good.

I am SO glad I took the afternoon to go to my daughter's tournament too.  The tournament on Monday meant she qualified for yesterday's (she came first on Monday) and she came 2nd in the Regionals yesterday. It was wonderful watching her play (and a little nerve wracking) but her coach was equally pleased. I can make up a few hours somewhere else. These are things that I will NEVER regret sacrificing work for. :-)

As well, the scale was friendly this morning. It's coming off SOOOO slowly, but it IS coming off. I am within 4 lbs of my "first" goal. Then it'll be on to the last 15 lbs.

For now, it's time for the dog walk and breakfast, work, and the webinar from Harlequin.  This afternoon is running club - fingers crossed I can keep the hip from crapping out. :-)  So far so good!

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