Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things That Make Me Grumpy

Things that make me grumpy today include:

Going to fill up my vehicle. I use a gas card and pay at the end of the month. The gas card automatically shuts off at $100. Today, it shut off before I was full. OUCH.

Elections. I can't wait for election day, because then all the bs chirping in my ear will be done. It's bad enough when the candidates do the mud slinging. But I'm sick to death of social media being used to sling it. I'm not sure when thoughtful, intelligent discourse went out of fashion (was it ever in?) but sites, tweets and FB posts about how candidates are horrible human beings are annoying to say the least. I'll speak with my vote, thank you.

Liars. Three Cups of Tea.  You know the idea of how a few teens can make all teens look bad? Well, crap like this ruins the credibility of not just the author who wrote it, but others too.

Anyway, at least it's just a short list. And there are things that make me not grumpy. Good books. Upstairs Downstairs (we watched part 2 last night). Toast with butter and raspberry jam. The fact that my heather is blooming and the grass is turning green.

Now I'm off to write - it's go go go on chapter eight!


  1. Hi, Donna,

    What do you mean when you say "Liars. Three Cups of Tea?" I feel like I've missed something, though I am often out of the loop.


  2. Sara - if you go here, you can read an article and see the 60 minutes piece. :-)


  3. Oops - it's cutting off my url, I'm going to go back and paste it in the blog.

  4. Shocking. I had this book on my list of "To read," and I will be taking it off. Innocent until proven guilty, but his not wanting to address the allegations makes him look like he's hiding something. And over a million for travel expenses? If you were trying so hard to help a charity, wouldn't you rather go coach and take as little from the charity as possible.

  5. Or better yet, doesn't your publisher pay for your travel expenses when you go on a book tour?

  6. What a bubble buster! Sounds like a good romance plot: hero accused of commingling. I had to look that up.

    I hope my 97-year-old father doesn't hear of the allegations, tho he probably will. He thinks Mortenson is a hero. We read the book when it first came out, it was very good. The tale of his decent from K2 was riveting.

  7. Hi Donna:

    Aren’t you Canadian? I thought Canada had very short, very proper, elections. Have you become like Americans? I hope not.


  8. Greg Mortenson was all over the English press today too. Thought it really sad. Also inadvertently accepted my first US fb friend (thought she was someone else) - in the space of two hours I received three notifications saying what a bad man Obama was: the most political my fb friends usually get is... actually they don't! Ever. But that's probably because I have really shallow friends. Anyway, those messages made me grumpy and so I'm with you on that one.
    Hope your grumpiness wears off soon.

  9. Vince - I'm thankful for short campaigns. It's been nasty. Like most elections, it's about making promises that they can't keep, and telling you how bad the other guy is. I tend to ignore campaigns, and instead make my judgments based on what the candidates have done the rest of the year(s).

    Christy - it's a shame, isn't it?