Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Operation Auction

It is horrible when bad things happen to good people, and it's also true that when it comes to life you just never know.

A few weeks ago something horrible happened to someone I've known probably since I started writing - Fatin is a wonderful ambassador for the Romance genre and a fantastic reviewer. So when news arrived of a family tragedy people in the industry knew we had to do something to help. Because Fatin's husband was taken in a senseless act of violence, leaving her with four daughters to raise on her own.

And so Operation Auction came to be.

It's going on now...I've already been outbid on several items (dagnabit!) and I have some items of my own up for grabs: the chance to name a character in an upcoming book, and signed copies of all my Harlequin  Romance 2011 releases - there are four this year. You can see the items on ebay as well as browse through hundreds of other items - from meals with editors/authors to signed books to critiques and all sorts of fun things - and for readers and writers alike.

The proceeds are going in a trust for the girls. Be generous.


  1. It's so sad. And a real tragedy. It's wonderful how the romance community are coming together to help.

  2. I love that the internet makes things like this possible =) So far it looks like it's going to be really successful!