Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not that bad...

So the dental thing wasn't that bad. I admit I was pretty nervous, because I have a THING about dentists. Granted, my current dentist has gotten me over most of that and I am eternally grateful. But yesterday was a specialist, and she hadn't yet earned my trust. She has now. I felt nothing. She and the hygienist kept up a pleasant amount of chatter, there were little breaks where I could relax my jaw and add my 2 cents, lol, and an hour later I was all stitched up and popping ibuprofen. Moreover, I didn't have a lot of pain once the  freezing came out - I took more advil around 4 p.m. and the worst part was eating soup at supper and feeling like bits of rice were sticking where they shouldn't (even though I have to chew on the other side). I go back next week to have the stitches out and to do the second tooth, but I'm nowhere near as nervous about it.

What's up for today? Banking, post office, writing, groceries, laundry...the usual. :-) My inbox was getting out of control so I did a bit of tidying last night, which was good as some were there because they needed further attention. With so many things going on, it hasn't been my most productive week. I do hope things will quiet down for next week!


  1. Phew, I'm glad it wasn't too horrid!

  2. I'm so glad that the operation went well and that you aren't in a lot of pain.