Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's exciting, and terrifying

Every day something in the publishing industry changes. It's an exciting time, and it's also terrifying. I feel in my bones that the industry we see today is not the same one we'll see in 3 years. And I don't think anyone has a crystal ball and knows exactly how it's all going to shake out in the end. There are endless opportunities, but there's also the caution of knowing which opportunity is the right one. And the fear of being left behind.

Yesterday this all kind of came to a head for me. Let me say first off that I am so very, very glad that I have an agent right now. At least I don't feel like I'm heading down the rapids in a barrel all alone. LOL. I feel good that I have surrounded myself with good people - my critique partner who is always there, my agent, as I said, and I have wonderful editors.

But at some point, there comes a time when staying informed becomes TOO MUCH and I have to retreat into what I know. And what I know FOR SURE is that all I can control is the writing. And I'm not spending enough time on it. Opportunities will pass me by when I'm reading about them instead of writing FOR them.

I won't say I'll be more scarce. That doesn't work, because the more I write the more I need to switch gears. So I can't see myself hibernating. But I do see me upping the ante on the word count score. And I need to shut out some of the voices and focus. Because no matter where things end up in publishing, the people still standing will be the people still writing books. And I have too many stories left to tell to lag behind now.

In the words of Tony Horton: Bring it.

See ya on the flip side (aka tomorrow for #Fridayreads!).


  1. You're totally right, Donna. Words on page are the most important thing!

  2. I'm still so new to this side of publishing, and even though I work for a publishing company (newspaper/magazine) and have seen my company's push to WebPublishing for a few years now, it all overwhelms me. I feel like I'm diving in at the deep end but I'm too old to swim.