Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In like a lion!

I got home from picking up the dog yesterday afternoon, and it was just starting to snow. By supper freezing rain was beating on the windows, and then it turned to rain and winds, and then it turned cold. Frozen slush in the driveway now - lovely. So March did indeed come in like a lion, and I hope it goes out like a lovely, warm, spring-like lamb.

Dreamer is on the mend from her dentistry surgery, and oh my last night was so funny. She was still coming out of the anaesthetic and wasn't very steady, and her eyes were pretty glassy. When she went to lay down she just sort of slid to the floor, legs splayed out. She's on meds today and tomorrow, and the result is one very loopy Duck Toller. She coughs - the vet says this is likely from the tube that was in her throat yesterday - and she has taken to obsessively licking the floors. We're not sure why. I'm wondering if her tongue feels a little thick or her mouth tastes funny.

So it being first of the month there was some housekeeping to do today. Congrats to Debra Simning-Chapman and Kamini Nair who won my contest held on my site. My March newsletter has gone out and this month's contest is for subscribers only.  You can sign up on the sidebar and I'll send you the latest edition with details on how to enter.

I've also updated my website with the latest news and added some review bits to individual book pages.

Now I'm off to critique a chapter for my CP and then carry on with my new book! Which reminds me - it's time to add a new word counter to the sidebar! Wheee!

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Here in Calgary we didn't get higher than -24 with a wind chill of -35.
    In like a lion indeed!

    The sun did shine for a bit and we did manage to stay out long enough to get our sidewalks shoveled. Not too much snow to shovel though ~ just an inchor slight bit more.