Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giveaway, and a bit about libraries

I have a Goodreads giveaway going on now - there are 2 weeks left to enter!

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Honeymoon with the Rancher

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And now, a bit about libaries.

You do know they are awesome, right? But you know, I'm late to library use. I grew up in a community without one, and we didn't visit the library much when we went to town. I used the school libraries of course, and in university I practically lived in the library for term paper research and a quiet corner for studying. I discovered how much I love LISTENING to Shakespeare rather than reading it and spent hours in the listening library with headphones on.

The other thing is, I always considered money spent on books as, well, money well spent. I like to re-read, so buying a book was a good investment as I knew I would enjoy it several times over. When I started writing, I liked supporting my friends and fellow authors by buying their books (and I still do).

When the kids were small, they had favourite stories that we would read over and over again. Then came the scholastic book orders - very economical and something they looked forward to every month. But the last few years that has changed. They have developed strong tastes. The book orders aren't what they used to be - they have never been into books about celebrities etc. and so many of the things are about hockey stars or Justin Beiber or Miley book orders were coming home and they began shrugging their shoulders and not ordering. And buying books suddenly became more expensive, as we moved from small chapter books like Magic Treehouse etc. to full length stories that sell for anywhere from $10 to $23 a crack - and that my kid would read in three or four days. I won't tell you how quickly my youngest went through The Golden Compass... If I were to try to keep them in reading material, I'd be broke very quickly.

So finally, at the age of 38, I'm really using the library.

I have enough books on my TBR to keep me going for 2 years (or more). But the girls? Not so much. The eldest has some new ones as she just had a birthday last weekend, and her sister got her 3 books she wanted: Angel by James Patterson, the second Witch and Wizard book (also Patterson) and the latest in Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series. I took a book back today and came out with two more for the youngest - a Madeleine L'Engle and a Philip Pullman. I also discovered the dvd collection and when Netflix wasn't streaming a season of MI5, I got it from the library.

Have I always thought libraries were important? Yes, even before I started using it regularly. As an author I am glad to have the meeting space for our writing chapter meetings. I am glad that my books are available for people to read, and I often donate books to libraries across NA - especially foreign language editions. It's another way for me to connect with readers.

But most importantly - it's a way to ensure my children are readers for life. And that's something I think is very, very important.

Do you support your local library?


  1. I LOVE my local libraries - best places in the world :)

  2. I love my local library as well. It is a fantastic place to get all my reading material from. Just lately I donated a box of books along with a box of books Kate Walker sent me to donate. The photos of the donation is here:

  3. Of course I support our local library. I have a huge TBR but I still get library books. I'm reading one right now. My husband had a card as well but we usually only take books out on my card as it is easier to keep track of just one card. We also get a card that is good for most libraries in Alberta along with our cards. If we are travelling around the province it gives us library perks like internet connections.

  4. Yes I love libraries. Libraries are fantastic resources and really instrumental in helping people have dreams and aspirations.

  5. I love to go to the recent acquisitions shelves at my library where all the new fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and audio books displayed. I discovered audio books on self-contained MP3 players. They're great to listen to while gardening in the summer. In the winter I like to listen to them while playing computer games. Then I don't feel like I'm wasting my time on the computer games. They're also great to listen to while knitting or crocheting. I like doing more than one thing at once.
    I haven't tried the eBook lending yet.

  6. Oh, yes! I definitely love my library. When my teaching daughter's school moved into a new building she had a new library to set up, and I had the opportunity to work with her for a few weeks. It was a both a challenge and a joy! So much work, but I loved it. Of course, it was also a blessing to be able to work with my daughter.

    Now she's moved and is teaching in a different city, but she has little ones that we take to our public library whenever they come to visit. They love reading as much as their mother and me, and I thank the libraries for nurturing the love of books in all of us.