Friday, March 18, 2011


Today's post is short and sweet: I'm reading 2 books, one is nearly done, the other half-way. The first is Jillian Hart's A MCKASLIN HOMECOMING, which I'm reading for this month's PINK HEART PICKS book club selection - the review will be up at the Pink Heart Society next Thursday.

The second is one that's been on my TBR for too long- Jennie Marsland's MCSHANNON'S CHANCE. It's a western historical and Jennie has a lovely voice; it's not surprising to know she also paints because she sort of paints with words as well. I was hoping to finish it before tomorrow; Jennie is signing the sequel, MCSHANNON'S HEART, tomorrow at the booksigning we have going on at Chapters in Dartmouth. But the week truly got away with me - I can't believe it's Friday - and I simply haven't finished much of anything, let alone reading.

So that's where I'm at - and I also have to decide what I'm reading next, too!

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  1. I'm almost done McShannon's Chance! I savor the story as it rolls over me letting me see the beauty of the area and the troubles of the townspeople.