Friday, March 25, 2011

#Fridayreads - One Very Special Hashtag

Today I doubt I'll have reading time - I mean I'm currently reading books, including The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson and McShannon's Chance by Jennie Marsland. BUT I'm diverting my attention today towards TWITTER.

Yes, I know. 140 characters at a time.

But today is RITA and Golden Heart Day - when RWA members, both published and unpublished, find out what stories have finalled in the most prestigious contests in the Romance genre.

The Golden Heart is for unpublished authors and finalling is a BIG DEAL. It's an incredible opportunity to have your work seen, an amazing honour, and perhaps even more than that, I've seen such great friendships formed by finalists in the same year. For example - I'm getting most of my RITA/GH info from the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood site today - The Rubies have really stuck together since they all waited for the winning news in 2009.

And I will admit that I anxiously hope my phone will ring - I have 2 books in the Contemporary Series category. But even if it doesn't - and it's a long shot - I love seeing my fellow writers get their names on that list. As I'm writing this, friends Kate Hewitt, Abby Green and Paula Graves have already received the call, and there's a Harlequin Romance on the shortlist too, by Marion Lennox (no surprise, she's amazing). And more names are being listed every moment.

If you're on twitter, you'll see Romance at its best by checking out the hashtag #RITAGH. Because today is a day full of celebration and positivity. And I can't think of any better reading than that!

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