Friday, March 11, 2011

#Fridayreads - finally something new!

Look! Finally a real honest-to-goodness #Fridayreads post! No more super seekrit RITA books, and I finally found time to read a bit the last few weeks!

First up - the book I actually FINISHED - The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson.

I love Eva Ibbotson's writing. I adored The Secret Countess (A Countess Below Stairs). And I love the WWII era so I figured The Morning Gift would be wonderful.

I'll confess it was harder to get into than I expected. While there were the right sort of "villians" - Verena and Heini were yucky - they just weren't as "delicious" as the villains in The Secret Countess. Perhaps because there wasn't an Olive to feel so protective about. In The Secret Countess, the other servants and Uncle Sebastien were extremely well drawn and I really fell in love with them all, but in The Morning Gift I didn't get such a sense of individuality from the characters. So it took me a while to really get into it.

But once I hit about page 200...things started heating up. It took me 3 days to get to that page, and 2 evenings to get from page 200 to 500. I could NOT put it down. And I think that's what I know for sure. That Ibbotson is going to rope me in at some point and make me rush to the end. I've got a few more of hers on my TBR that I'm looking forward to.

But before I read them I've started the latest from Julianne MacLean and her new Highlander series from St. Martins: Captured By The Highlander.  Any of Julianne's books I've read have been very much the ton and lords and ladies and the heroes may have been rakes but they were gentlemen. Not so this time - Duncan is a highlander, and he's called The Butcher.

How can anyone called The Butcher be hero material? Because he doesn't kill without thought. Because he could slit Amelia's throat in the first scene but he doesn't. He claims it's because she's got value alive, but really I think he doesn't want to kill an innocent woman - unlike his enemies who will not hesitate. He is DELICIOUS. And Amelia? It takes either a very brave or a very foolish woman to stand up to The Butcher and challenge him! You have to love her for not being cowed. A strong hero needs a strong heroine and Julianne's done it. I'll do a full review when I've finished!

What are you reading?


  1. Hi Donna, two very different books, but both sound intriguing. I love all things Scottish. I don't think I've read a book over 500 pages since Diana Gabaldon.
    I just finished Sarah Mayberry's Home for the Holidays (HSR2009). I'm trying to work through my TBR pile. This book has a lot going for it. It's set in Australia, which is exotic to me. The gorgeous hero is a widowed father of two (ages 9 and 13) who has just moved his family to a new town, and the heroine is a long-legged, blond, motorcycle-riding mechanic! That's a first for me. There were some predictabilities about the story until an unexpected plot twist that turned in to a real page turner.
    BTW, I've been following some of the links you've posted. Thanks so much, these are site I wouldn't have found on my own.

  2. I'm reading Jennie Marsland's McShannon's Chance on my Kindle. I've been busy with work these past few days ie Fifth Avenue Collection (selling beautiful jewelry) and I've been reading before I go to sleep at night. It's a great read!

  3. Christy - I just reviewed Captured By The Highlander and it was awesome. And I've heard wonderful things about Home For The Holidays - it's on my TBR after Jayne at eharlequin said it made her bawl uncontrollably.

    As far as books that are over 500 pages - to me that length requires a fairly big reading commitment and I choose very carefully! I either have to really love the author, or feel really in the groove for reading that particular book.

  4. Tara - I'm reading Jennie's book right now too - it's been on my TBR too long and I want to finish it so I can buy her next on Saturday!