Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Diamond Like No Other

New book ahoy!

Meet Sam Diamond.

Sam runs Diamondback Ranch. He's a busy guy. Diamondback is huge and things need to be a certain standard. And his dad's fallen ill, so all the responsibility has fallen to him. Including filling in for his mother on the board of directors for a new women's shelter in town.

So naturally he's going to butt heads with the foundation's Executive Director, Angela Beck. To Sam, she's young, idealistic, a real bleeding heart.

I've already found a song, too, but I know there will be several. Instead of this being a "theme" song, I see it as a "scene" song. I could see a scene pop into my head when I heard it that I think will be lovely.

Happy Thursday! And a happy birthday to my husband today!


  1. He is divine, isn't he? Love Justified. It is my new favorite. Can't wait to read this book.


  2. Happy birthday to your husband ~ JV from eHarlequin wished my husband a happy birthday as she shares the date and he said who? So don't bother your husband with my wishes. LOL Hope you share a great bday celebration with him.
    Thanks for the Patsy Cline song. She was an outstanding singer.

  3. Oooh-la-la!

    And happy birthday to your hubby!!

  4. Oooh I love Patsy Cline, haven't listened to that song for a while though :-)

    Am starting new book in the next couple of days, too. Just doing all my planning, character sheets, scene outlines--all that stuff I know you love ;-)

    Happy birthday, hubby!

  5. What Jennifer said! I likey. This is the new one you are starting this week? I can hardly wait! But while I do...I'm *treat* reading PRPB after a 'good' day of revisions. I can read today! because I'm waiting on further instruction from my editor on a direction I'm trying to go on my ms. I'll take any minute I can cause once those revisions get in deep water, there's no turning back and no time to read until it's done. But- once it is...lookout tbr pile! I have a couple other of your books I can't wait to dig into. I bought Breathe last night. :)