Monday, March 14, 2011

Captured by Julianne MacLean's Latest

It took me a while to get caught up on Julianne MacLean's backlist, and once I did it meant I had to wait for new books. When Julianne has a new release it goes to the top of the TBR pile and with good reason. So when I got my grubby little fingers on the first in her new Highlander trilogy last weekend, it popped right up to next on the list.

CAPTURED BY THE HIGHLANDER is different from any of Julianne's books in some ways. Forget gentlemen, drawing rooms, and rules of society. The hero is a man they call The Butcher and the story opens with the choice he has to make - kill Amelia or take her prisoner. Filled with kilts and broadswords, axes and Jacobites, a beautiful woman and of course an English villian masquerading as a redcoat man of honour....not to mention Julianne's fabulous brand of writing and it's a page-turner. I adore Julianne's voice. It's a seamless blend of strong narrative, sparkly dialogue, humour and sensuality.

Several times during the story I could see how it was going to go and for the large part I was right, except it usually didn't happen QUITE the way I imagined but with a clever twist. I don't want to give anything away and be all spoilery, but I did have a few surprises towards the end and I love it when an author makes me think how in the world are they going to find happiness now? I was seriously disappointed in Duncan at one point - not that I blamed him for his actions but I thought "Amelia will never forgive you now!" And yet the HEA did happen and all was well in the end.

Thankfully I do not have as long a wait this time. The next in the trilogy, CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER, is out at the end of the month and features Angus's story with a new heroine of Gwen McEwen. I can't wait.

Meanwhile, you can catch up with me today at the Pink Heart Society for Male on Monday, where I'm talking about Sexy Sidekicks. You'll even find a pic of Julianne's latest hero inspiration....

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