Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#WW - Filling the Well

Before I get started, I'm at the Samhain Publishing site today talking about how dogsitting teaches me about characters.

AND...Chapter Five of Remember Me, Cowboy is up! You can read it and all the previous chapters at eharlequin.

This month in the RWR the "theme" in the Well Writer is looking after your physical self. I'm going to touch on that a bit today because yesterday I realized that I need to take a few days off.

The RWR articles are well worth reading as they cover topics like weight gain/loss, stress, and repetitive strain injuries. I deal with all three because I spend a lot of time in my chair.

My CP remarked today that my recent exercise should be taking care of my stress, and in a way it has. February was bananas schedule wise. Revisions on a novella, revisions on a full book, trip to Toronto, PR for my current release, a course beginning Monday, cover art forms, speaker forms for RWA, and anything else that popped up in addition to a 2 week break for my kids and several appointments. My headspace got pretty crowded, and there was a lot of changing gears and long days. Now, we're almost to the end of the month and I've done pretty well, until I hit the last task of the month - accounting in prep for tax time.

I know part of the reason is I am used to working in quiet and solitude, and I haven't had that for the last 2 weeks. I could feel lots of stuff tightening up, both in my head and in my body, and when that happens, I have learned to listen.

On the weight loss front, that's going well, albeit slowly. I'm eating better and moreover I've figured out how my previous "good" diet needed tweaking to turn into a "loss" diet. We've moved to the next phase in our exercise program which is kicking my butt. I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in a few years - pretty much since we moved in 2008. I feel good.

But my neck and shoulders are a mess again, so today I am booking myself for a massage. The last 2 nights my eldest has worked on the knots in my neck - she has fabulous hands and I tell her that she should go into massage therapy or PT. I do that whole neck forward thing and so I get a lot of tightness in my upper back and neck. In the articles in the RWR, I didn't see massage recommended which surprised me (or maybe I missed it). I recommend it A LOT. I find it helps me immensely and I should have had one before last was in November. Christmas and a January 31 deadline put it to the bottom of my priority list.

Both of those things help with stress but really the easiest fix for me is to just take a day or two off. My kids go back to school Monday, and I've worked through their whole break, so taking a few days to hang out, play rock band, read, whatever, sounds good. Because doing that clears my headspace and refills my well. It's not just about energizing my body, it's about energizing my brain. And as writers, we live in our own heads A LOT. As women, we multi-task A LOT. There are massive amounts of things going on in our brains and it makes sense to give it a rest now and again.

And guess what? I'll never miss those two days, because next week I'll be far more productive. And happy about it.

How do you recharge your batteries?


  1. Very honest blog. By the way you are looking faboulous! Can I join your weight loss problem. That's the problem with writing - lots of sitting and not enough excersie. However, I would sit with one of your cowboy hunks anyday. Did I mention I couldn't put Proud Rancher down. I love how developed your characters are. Can't wait to read more.

  2. "as a writer, we live in our heads a lot" - how true, Donna. Good for you for getting your revisions off your plate so you can enjoy a few days with your girls. Rock on!

  3. Hey Pam and Renee! LOL Renee yes to the sitting and the lovely problem of Writer's Ass (which neither you or Pam seem to have a problem with, BTW, you both always look very glam and put together).

    I do live in my head a lot. And when you're trying to balance writing and stories along with "real life" things can get really cluttered in there. A few days of "decluttering" is all it takes usually. And I'll let my massage therapist work out the neck and back issues! :-)

  4. I recharge by taking two days out of the month to do nothing except light PartyLite candles, listen to Sirius Spa music and read. Reading helps quiet my brain.