Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day! Wooo!

Today is Valentine's Day and that means not only do I love my honey after all these years but I also have some fun things going on!

My online read kicks off today at eharlequin. REMEMBER ME, COWBOY will have a new chapter up each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next three weeks and there will be a thread for commenting and asking me questions too! It's my first online read and it was SO much fun, so pop over to read the first chapter!

And today I have a special guest - we blog traded for the day. You can find MY blog over at Sally Clement's hangout, and now here's Sally taking over my blog space for her own very special celebration!  Welcome Sally!

Hello everyone! I’m delighted to be here hijacking Donna’s blog, while she’s hijacking mine - each of us partying with each other’s friends! Well it’s the day of love. The commercial day of love anyway, although romance can blossom anywhere, at any time, just read any of Donna’s stories for proof of that!

I’m here today because as well as being Valentine’s Day, it’s also Launch Day for new English publisher, Embrace Books, and my new (second!) book, Bound to Love is one of the launch titles!

I’m very excited about it, because as well as e-book, Bound to Love is also available in print, so for the very first time I’ll be able to hold a copy of a book with my name on the cover! It’s a fast paced, romantic suspense set in London and Paris, and it’s a story that I absolutely loved writing – and I hope people are going to love reading!

Here’s some info about the book…

Jake Forrester, a controlled, self-reliant security expert scarred by his father's murder, is pursuing his goal of an independent life, relying on himself and logic, until he's forced to accept the help of an impulsive, spirited goldsmith who follows her instincts, wherever they may lead. When Tempest MacKenzie witnesses a gorgeous stranger being bundled into a van, she tries to help him, but becomes tangled in a complex web of intrigue. Tempest finds stubborn Jake attractive, compelling and infuriating, his logic the complete antithesis of her reliance on her instincts. And Jake is fascinated and attracted to the feisty redhead. As they spend time together trying to thwart a heist at the British Museum, the attraction between them flares out of control. The thief has a grudge against Jake, and danger stalks their every move. Will Jake learn to trust Tempest's intuition, before it's too late? 

It’s available from today on here

And from here

and here's the link for Salt Publishing's Page!

And now I’m off to read Donna’s online read – thanks so much for having me here today, Donna!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me here today, Donna! Have a great day!

  2. Happy release day, Sally! Soooo chuffed for you. And Happy Valentine's to you and Donna. Hope your day is bright and super shiny :)

  3. Thanks, Maya! It's pretty shiny so far!

  4. Congrats to both of you!

    And Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Thanks, Jennifer. Happy Valentine's day to you!

  6. Really pleased for you Sally, you most definitely deserve this moment, you're an inspiration :-)

  7. Happy Release day Sally, exciting times!

    Happy Valentines day to you and to Donna - love all round!


  8. Thanks, Lorraine! xxx super minx!

  9. Thanks for visiting, Jo P! Very exciting today!

  10. Yay and congratulations on your brand new release, Sally!

    Woohoo and hope you sell buckets!

  11. congrats on your release too, Rachel! Here's to lovely sales to both of us! (slurp... getting squiffy on all this champagne!)

  12. Yay, Sally!

    So pleased for you :-) Am so excited to read your book on my iPhone!

    Will also check Donna's online read out when I get these kids into bed but had to stop by and cheer you on first!!

  13. Thank you, Jo minx! (gosh I'm exhausted now!)

  14. Happy launch day Sally! And a Happy Valentine's Day to both you and Donna :-)

  15. Great post, Donna and Sally.

    Bleated Happy Valentine's Day.