Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Day

Last night supper was delayed as I shoveled off both the upper and lower decks and then realized that the belt had blown on the snow blower. My youngest and I worked with scoop and shovel to clear out most of one side of our driveway so at least we could get out if need be, though the plow didn't even go until late last night so the road was buried. We were almost done when the blower was fixed, so the husband continued with the snow removal while I cooked dinner. There was a lot of snow. When I cleaned off the deck, there was close to a foot. By the time I finished, there was another inch + and I cleared it all over again.

This morning there was close to another 6 inches on the ground - I think total we got about 40 cm. Snow removal is on the go so it means that a lovely big pile was at both ends of the driveway from where the plow went. This morning schools and the college were closed, so I put the kids to work shoveling steps and deck and at one point, the kid had to sit on the tractor while the husband shoveled snow into the blower - the drift was so high that the tractor couldn't move forward in it.

But the sun is out and things are clearing and by this afternoon hopefully the roads will be much better. I am working on revisions and finishing up reading one of my RITA books. Later we'll take the dog for a walk in the snow and sun.

And here's something a little more summery - the cover for my May North American release!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful cover. I'll have to watch for it.

    Wow you got a lot of snow again.

    We had a Chinook today so our snow was melting. Will be icy underfoot tomorrow.